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Class Time : 18 : 00 ~ 21 : 45 (Thu)

Room Number : #400202

Official Language : Korean

Instructor : Prof. Hwansoo Han

Course Description : This is the computer programming practice course intended primarily for students within system software track. It uses the C language and provide many practices in solving problems in software

Textbook : The C programming Language (2nd Ed.), Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, Prentice hall, 1988 and A Book on C: programming in C (4th Ed.), Al Kelley, Ira. Pohl, Addison-Wesley 1998


Grading : Attendance 10%, Exercise 10%, Assignment 1 20%, Assignment 2 20%,                              Term Project 40%

TA : Dojin Park (, Hwiwon Kim (

Week Topic Reading Assignment
Week1 Introduction     
 Week2 Loops#1Loops#2    
 Week3 Recursion    Assignment #1 (due : 4/11)
 Week4 Pointer    
 Week5 Array    
 Week6 Sturcture    
 Week7 I/O    
 Week8 Midterm Exam Week    
 Week9 List    
Week10 Tree    
Week11 List & Hash    
Week12 Storage Classes    
Week13 Makefile    
Week14 Memorial Day    
Week15 Stack & Queue    
Week16 Final Exam Week    

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