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Class Time : 18 : 00 ~ 21 : 45 (Tue)

Room Number : #27425

Official Language : Korean

Instructor : Prof. Hwansoo Han

Course Description : This course covers mobile App: Developing Android App using JAVA. Topics include UI design and network for Android App development.


References The Java Tutorial Fourth Edition

                      Introduction to Android

                      Vocabulary Glossary

                      Google APIs for Android

Grading : Class participation 10%, Lab practice 10%, programming Assignments  40%,                            Term Project 40%

TA : Sungin Hong (, Donghyun Kim (

Week Topic Reading Projects
Week1  Introduction to the Android     
 Week2  Basic Layout    
 Week3  Layout    
 Week4 Advanced UI      
 Week5 Intent Filters      PA #1
 Week6 Services      
 Week7 Project Proposal     
 Week8 Midterm Exam Week    
 Week9 Content providers     
Week10 Advanced concepts    
Week11 APIs(1)    PA #2
Week12 APIs(2)    
Week13 Profile    
Week14 Introduction to the Kotlin    
Week15 Project Final presentation    
Week16 Final Exam Week    

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